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We create conditions for our clients to take responsibility for their collaborative possibilities and customer relations. We guarantee your employees get the best possible means with modern and innovative technique to perform at their best.

No customer is to small or any project too big is a well known line, but an important reality for us. Mindspace Group take care of the whole project regardless of proportions and complexity.

Video Conferencing - Travel free meetings with business value in focus Read more

We create operational video conferences with know-how in every aspect of our products and offer personnel with a great level of expertise. Your need is evaluated with great care and we deliver safely anything from your own integrated infrastructure to a service based solution.

Meeting service of the future

With Mindspace Cloud we have one of the most innovating platforms on the market. Mindspace Cloud joins former non-compatible technologies for video-, telephone- and webb-based meetings – a kind of virtual conference rooms. Mindspace Cloud is always accessible on every device used.

With Mindspace Cloud you can reach any user from Lync, Skype or other services cross-plattform.

Do you take your video communication seriously?

Then Mindspace Group is right for you. We guide you to the right solution for your needs when it comes to video conference and virtual meetings. We have wide range of skills to offer products and services adapted and optimised to your demands.

Challenge the vast possibilities we give you with audio-visual meetings in real time and choose travel free meetings!

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Digital Signage - Unique competence for digital signage with the message in focus Read more

We have a long experience in digital signage, starting as early as 2005. We provide a complete delivery of screens, software, infrastructure, installation, content and education. We work with a variety of systems, including our own in development, to suit your individual needs.

We deliver digital signage on local instalments as well as in cloud based solutions. We cover most platforms including mobile devices.

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Picture, sound & light with a touch
- Simplicity is the key
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We offer a wide array of picture, sound and light technology for conference rooms, auditoriums and class rooms.

A/V integration and much more

We provide modern conference systems including picture, light and sound of top quality. Mindspace Group have many years of collected experience for installation of technically integrated systems. Our focus is on the change of generation from analogue to digital technology and knowledge in network is now as important as traditional applications of mechanics. Do you have an analogue system today?

We help you convert to an updated digital solution. We can offer anything from A/V integration to sound and picture in your facilities.

Conference technology for the future

Our keywords are knowledge, delivery and commitment. Hire us for a complete picture, sound and light integration of your conference room. Our experienced personnel make sure your transition to top quality technology is made with great care. We understand the value of a fully functional conference system suited to your needs.

Equip your facilities with the latest in picture, sound and light technology. We collaborate with leading manufacturers such as JBL, Samsung and NEC to deliver no matter the magnitude of your needs.

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